Success Stories

Miss Strong believes that every girl has the power to reach her fitness goals and live a healthy lifestyle. This page honors girls around the country and world who are making a healthy difference in their lives in a variety of ways. Submitting your before/after shots or progress stories is an option available to any and every girl who has a desire to improve their fitness lifestyle and health, and help serve as an inspiration to others with their personal success. We highlight inspirational girls who are getting it done.

It doesn’t matter where you are. Simply: Love yourself. Have fun. Love your body. Be Miss Strong.

If you have a progress story, photo, or success story that you would like to share with us, please send your photos and story to


Olivia runs the 60, 200, 300 and 400 sprints for Mansfield University. Inspired by her coach and her mother, this driven athlete is motivated to reach her future goal of running professionally overseas and representing our country in the Olympics. She told us that she wants to travel while doing what she loves. “My goal is to push push push everyday. No off days…every day is a new day to get faster.” This girl is strong, tough, and beautiful! And who knows…we might all be watching her booking it in red white and blue gear alongside Allyson Felix one day?


Tallulah is working on building a healthier and fitter lifestyle. She wants to build her strength and endurance, and finish her first half-marathon at the end of February 2013. Last year she broke her leg skiing and was in a cast for 7 months, unable to exercise and having to undergo many surgeries. Just 1 year later in December, she ran and completed her first 10k and now says that she has been exercising and eating healthier ever since! Her current fitness routine involves training for a half-marathon, full-body strength workouts, and flexibility exercises. She helps us all realize that tough times don’t last…but tough people do.


When she was young, Sofia would go to the gym with her dad..and it kinda just became a habit. Thankful for his support that got her hooked on working out, she mentions, “What inspires me….looking at magazines and wanting to look like the fitness models. Not, the super skinny girls.” We’re lovin her already. This girl proves to be the best she can be, pushes hard, and also has fun working out…because IT CAN BE! And lastly, a few of this brunette beauty’s fitness tips: eating healthy is incredibly important, but if you slip, you slip. Don’t beat yourself up over it. She eats wholesome foods like avocado, whole wheat bread and coconut milk in the mornings…and loves dark chocolate clusters. We do too. She recommends carrying a snack around so you avoid buying and eating unhealthy choices. Her last tip…and we’ve saved the best for last…”If you’re craving a big juicy burger, EAT IT! Just make up for eating healthier the next day. Human nature…the more you tell yourself no, the more you’ll crave it.” We say it on our website…Sofia says it here. Trust us, trust her, and realize that being strong and beautiful, can mean enjoying life. Thanks for proving that Sofia…and look at them guns!


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