FOOD: Something we eat, something we rely on, and something that is a part of our daily life…every day of our lives. Ever hear that phrase, “All you need is some good food, good friends and family, and lot’s of laughter?” We like to live that daily. Miss Strong takes your health and well-being seriously. We want you to be putting the best, happiest, love filled foods into your body, to assist you in reaching, maintaining, and living your fitness and lifestyle goals. Whether we recommend a company’s product filled with sun-kissed granola, coconut milk or fresh pure fruit juice, we want you to feel strong, be strong, and most importantly….be filled with happiness.

* We’ve taken all allergies, intolerances and preferences into mind, and have included recommended companies for those who don’t drink milk, don’t eat nuts, and don’t want lot’s of sugar or calories! Bon Appetit! LIVE LIFE, EAT WELL!

logoSO DELICIOUS Dairy Free Products

SO DELICIOUS is a natural foods company specializing in endless selections of natural, dairy-free products. Based off top quality caliber, the company practices an allergen free program and is truly….


For anyone who doesn’t drink milk/consume dairy, or lovers of almond, soy and coconut milk, SO delicious will take care of you! Dairy free milk, yogurt, beverages, frozen desserts (over 20 flavors of treats!) and creamers are available in select stores through the US, Canada and Korea. Miss Strong constantly encourages readers to find a balance with food and explains the importance of treating yourself to something delicious…SO why not treat yourself to something SO DELICIOUS? The company of SO Delicious values customer satisfaction, health and wellness, and works with a group of non-profit organizations to create a strong community, support environmental activism and even has a calendar ofcommunity based events, including walks for food allergies, yogaall_products conferences, and Earth Day Festivals. SO GOOD. We know.

  • Miss Strong’s Personal Recommendation: Try the Almond Milk Mocha Mini Almond Fudge Bars! SO TO DIE FOR!

Products, events and more can be found on their website at:


Earth Balance Products

Ok…quality is important right? Well we value top quality, but we also greatly value BALANCE. Earth Balance is a wonderful product line that produces wholesome and balanced popcorn, nut butters and spreads, Soymilk, salad dressings, coconut spread, and baking spreads. I know, it sounds good, but things get better. Did you know that all of their  products are 100% plant-based, vegan, non-GMO, lactose-free, gluten-free, egg-free, casein-free, AND have 0g of trans fat? Well, know you do. At Earth Balance, TASTE and FLAVOR are the key ingredients mixed into their natural, loving product line. It doesn’t matter if you have food allergies, only eat plants, are an environment lover or are in search of a healthy snack…Earth Balance will create balance in your life, everyday!

  • Miss Strong’s Personal Recommendation: Loving the Earth Balance Peanut Butter…because peanut butter is620x360xGL_EarthBalance_ft.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Gm-1dyI3xm just that. A balanced food and spread that tastes wonderful on absolutely anything! For a snack? Aged White Cheddar Puffs. Not a question.

For more information on Earth Balance, their products, recipes, and currents contests, go to their website at:

misstrong 56Farm To Table Oats- Organic Pure Oat

Miss Strong cooks with oats…a lot. You can find oats in our cookies, pancakes, cupcakes, protein breakfast bowl…oats are low in saturated fat, a great source of carbohydrates and iron. There are a lot of oats out there on the market…we value wholesome, fresh and pure oats with a good consistency, as well as some good soul! After all, food…and a hearty bowl of oatmeal, is important for the body, mind, heart and soul. So that’s why we’re bringing you Farm To Table Organic Pure Oats. Miss Strong values companies like Farm To Table Oats who believe in traditional farming methods in order to preserve the value in fresh products and respect for customers. Farm To Table Oats has a simple philosophy. Customers deserve to put top products into their bodies. They’ve adopted a strong mentality of integrity, and provide cans of oats like apple raisin, ancient grain and original pure oatmeal while incorporating wholesome grains like spelt, barley, rye, brown flax and kamut. Let’s support farming companies that provide high quality products made with love, honesty, and hard work. miss strong 3

  • Miss Strong’s Personal Recommendation: Organic Apple Raisin Pure Oatmeal. Chop up some apple chunks and sprinkle some walnuts into your bowl with some almond butter. 180 calories per serving, 11 servings per container. You’ll realize why life is so wonderful.

home_img22For more information on Farm to Table Oats, go to their website at:  and visit them on their Facebook page,  for updates and pictures of their positive environmental impact and production.




 Kallari Chocolate

rusticMiss Strongs says, that chocolate is incredibly good for the body and soul. Yes….we always read about how dessert creates body fat, and it can without moderation. However, a little bit of dark chocolate has been known to prevent certain diseases, and is an incredibly vibrant and joyous snack! Chocolate helps make life worth living. We want to bring you one of our favorite quality chocolate bars/brands. Kallari Chocolate comes directly from the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, the cocoa beans are harvested freshly by hand by local families and farmers, and besides producing an incredibly rich, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate bar, the company strives to preserve Kitchwa culture of their ancestors, bring clean ingredients to every single consumer, and help empower both our generation, and protect the environment. What more could one single chocolate bar have to offer? Found online, in well known restaurants and bakeries across the country, globally and in numerous super markets and health food stores….support your world and the beautiful people in it. Let’s all “kallari” to eat chocolate.

  • Miss Strong’s Personal Recommendation: WE LOVE THEM ALL! 85% Cacao bars are incredibly rich with a very slight and delicious touch of fruit…but really. We do love all 3.

For more information on Kallari Chocolate, visit their website at and participate in their Kickstart program at


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