We recognize that as ladies, fashion is important. Whether on the street, on a yoga mat or in the gym, what you wear is a direct statement of who you are, and what you believe in. We have scouted clothing lines and the fitness fashion world to recommend lines and clothes that are contemporary, urban, chic, and comfortable. All companies that we support make their clothes with individuality, love and strength in mind. Join the movement, and wear something that stands for….well. YOU! Show pride in the weight room, among others in your yoga studio and in your classroom or office. We believe in you and your expression, so express yourself and believe in your beauty as well. EMBRACE! 

header  Frozen Kiss Apparel



Frozen Kiss Apparel: The name is cool in itself, right? Their slogan is, “Custom, for Life.” And the clothing line is just that…incredibly custom, from a selection of hoodies, t-shirts, and belt buckles. The company is based out of Boulder, Colorado, and has created a selection of Colorado based vests, snow pants, work out shirts, and tanks. Your choice of apparel may be custom designed, hand stitched, and based off of a Colorado or New Mexico embroidered design.  Influenced by the California and Boulder “comfort and carefree” vibe, the designer created items that serve to be incredibly versatile for in the gym, everyday wear, and around the house. The tanks and items encourage a healthy and active lifestyle! The clothes also emit a positive and happy vibe…color, life and joy have all been put into each individual product. Many people comment that the color selection is fun, creative and wild! Stay healthy, Stay Active, Stay Wild….have some fun in the gym! GET SOME FROZEN KISS!!!

Frozen Kiss Apparel is sold on Etsy, as well as on their website at:

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