Miss Strong Tips



Although many tips for clean eating, weight-loss and exercise are highlighted in Miss Strong’s articles, here are some that we find both vital and helpful for your health, and for improving your body and lifestyle. Remember that being strong, is also about keeping it simple.

1. If you can’t identify the ingredients in your food, don’t eat it. If it comes from an animal or the ground…eat it. It’s good for you.

2. STOP looking in the mirror and thinking about your body!!! Train for performance and specific goals, and you will begin to see very fast results.

3.  Trust yourself! Peace, strength and success will follow.

4. Small things usually impact us the most. We see the size of the muscles on our bodies as being the big deal, but in truth, our progress is driven by a thing called…our mind.

5. Eat before and after you workout…your muscles will thank you. Eat smart, eat clean, but most importantly ladies…EAT!


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