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miss strong



Vanessa Ortega: From off the red carpet and onto The Fit Solution, the lovely Vanessa Ortega discusses the real solution to getting fit, being feminine and strong, staying balanced as a CEO of Vanessa Ortega TV, and her recent interview series with 22 of the world’s most interesting fitness professionals. Strong, balanced and brilliant, Miss Ortega shares with Miss Strong. http://misstrong.com/2014/08/20/vanessa-ortega-interview-off-the-red-carpet-onto-the-fit-solution/


Heather Larsen Photo credit: Photographer Alex Santiago



Athlete Heather Larsen: What do you get when you combine high cliffs, a thin line, and a very determined woman? For Heather, a day at the office includes waking up and elegantly walking a 130 ft long highline between towering Colorado mountains. http://misstrong.com/2014/07/31/cliffs-and-lines-slackliner-heather-larsen-interview/



miss strong



Yogi Karla Tafra: From her original home in Croatia to the beautiful coastline of Malaga, Spain, Karla Tafra has quickly become a beautiful yogi, not only for her well known Instagram poses and crazy vibrant leggings, but also for her well balanced lifestyle and beautiful ambition. A yogi by day and a law student by night, Karla proves that life is limitless, and that multiple passions can most definitely be juggled. http://misstrong.com/2014/08/24/passport-to-yoga-from-croatia-to-spain-interview-with-karla-tafra/







Teen Pop Singer Maddie Kae: Read Miss Strong’s interview with young country/pop artist Maddie Kae about her body image, how she went from high school to Nashville, and how life in the Hollywood music industry contributes to her everyday life as a strong and ambitious woman. http://misstrong.com/2013/08/05/interview-with-teen-pop-singer-maddie-kae/ 


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