About Miss Strong

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Miss Strong is an online community for women devoted to strong being the new skinny, and beauty in strength. Our mission is to inspire women to be strong. We start with the physical and the mental, and we hope that you’ll take it the rest of the way. Miss Strong prides itself on providing girls and women with real, raw, and honest advice to transform their bodies, minds, and lifestyles.
As a global fitness community, Miss Strong aims to inspire, motivate and relate to girls with allmiss strong different fitness experiences and backgrounds. From fitness advice, tips, photos and motivation, let’s eat clean, train dirty, and just do it. Because we’re women, and well…we can. Whether young or mature in mind, body, soul and heart, Miss Strong believes in you. Now get out there and do it.          misstrong
Two words that mean every woman in this world is strong. Every woman can lift as much as shewants…every woman can be as fit as she wants. Two words that mean every woman is beautiful, every woman is tough, every woman is inspiring, and every woman is a beast both inside, and outside of the gym. I challenge you to pick up the heavier barbells today and push your body, look in the mirror and push your mind, and in the end, be that girl that nobody thought could do either. I’m Miss Strong, and I want you to be Miss Strong, too.
“Every single time I train, I want to succeed as badly as I want to breathe. And when I see other people train, I want them to succeed just as much. It’s one thing to work hard in the gym, but it’s another thing to be that lady who picks up a 65 pound dumbbell in a weight room full of men lifting 55s. It’s another, to be the lady who is unstoppable, and who rises above the judgment and stereotypes constantly highlighted in our society. Women are strong. Women can lift. Women need to know the real honest truth about health and fitness, and what really does help them get the body they want. I’m sick of people eating salad leaves and feeling bad about themselves. Some girls spend their entire lives feeling like they aren’t good enough. They think they aren’t attractive. They think their thighs are too big. They think that they don’t look like that girl in the magazine, and they start working out for the wrong reasons, the wrong way. Women are beautiful, and there is an overpowering beauty in strength. There is overwhelming beauty in truth and inspiration. There is overwhelming beauty in hard work. This, is why I created Miss Strong.”
– Leala Luna McGinnis

Leala Luna McGinnis, Founder, Editor and Publisher

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