Let’s Celebrate Fitness. Let’s TrainHard.


All around the world, people love fashion and fitness. Those neon bright Nike shoes that we may choose to wear while lifting reflects apart of our personalities, just as the jewelry that we choose to wear around our neck reflects certain things in life that we find personally meaningful. Sometimes a necklace, or a really cool fitness T-shirt reminds us to keep going, or run more, or train hard. And that’s what we want you to do…to TrainHard.

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Motivation is personal. When I look down in the middle of a workout, I always see my flourescent yellow training shoes staring back at me. They remind me of hard work. I see chalk on my pants from lifting or climbing. It reminds me of strength. I see the ground. Running. Yoga. Balance. Everything that we look down and see can serve as a small slice of motivation, and reminds us to work a little harder, be a little stronger, and get through the rest of our workout. We all have our own memories, struggles and goals with life and with our training. Today I looked down, and saw a kettlebell necklace hanging around my neck. It reminded me that being strong is beautiful, and that women all over the world are strong. It made me want to pick up a couple more plates and add it to my barbell.Shirt_front_lauren_2048x2048

Fitness should be celebrated. YOU should be celebrated. Miss Strong always aims to bring our readers valuable products from companies with wholesome and relatable beliefs involving fitness and well-being. TrainHard Designs is a company whom we love, admire, and respect. TrainHard has quickly begun to sprout up in gyms and on the necks and wrists of athletes across the country, much loved for their idea of fusing fashion with fitness, and promoting the raw and true beauty in strength. The company has been featured on the well know WodShop workout apparel website, and worn by many of beloved CrossFit athletes like Andrea Ager, Christmas Abbott and Jackie Perez. TrainHard Designs is apart of a new wave of fitness enthusiasts with one solid goal; to motivate and remind people to train, hard. Positive Mind. Positive Vibes. Positive Motivation.

miss strongThe company isn’t only special for it’s commitment to celebrating fitness, but also for it’s CEO…a strong woman, named Annie Seel. Annie explains, “Our end goal is that our jewelry will serve as validation, motivation and true representation to all that train hard to keep their bodies healthy, fit, and strong. When our customer wears our pieces, we want them to feel that they are making a statement, not only in fashion, but with their passion.” A lot of apparel and jewelry companies aim to sell their product. TrainHard aims to convince it’s wearer of their own beautiful potential.

The jewelry is reasonably priced at $25-30, and the new line is made up of jewelry sporting anti-tarnish metals and set stones for those sweaty workouts, so that you don’t have to take anything off. We love it. Jewelry is no longer just about looking pretty. It’s about being pretty, being fit, and being strong.

Miss Strong wearing "Kettlebell Bling" necklace during a workout!

Miss Strong wearing “Kettlebell Bling” necklace during a workout!

TrainHard stands for hard work. For motivation. For quality, and for inspiration. Their necklaces are wonderful reminders of fitness with a variety in both the women’s and men’s lines of sterling silver kettlebells, slogans like “Train Hard” “Barbell Babe” and gemstone boxing gloves. TrainHard Designs stands for your personal motivation. Because motivation is, well, personal.

Find your passion. Spend your time doing what you love. And here’s to training. Hard. Join the Community. Be apart of the Movement.

Let’s TrainHard.

Want to see how TrainHard is spreading fitness passion and motivation around the world? Go to their website at www.trainharddesigns.com

Like them on Facebook, we do! https://www.facebook.com/trainharddesigns

Instagram? Yes, they do. http://instagram.com/trainharddesigns

Twitter: @TrainHardDes


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