Off the Red Carpet, Onto the Fit Solution: Vanessa Ortega Interview

miss strongWe all want to uncover the real fit solution, and discover how we can stay fit and healthy for good. This week for The Miss Strong Interview section, we bring you the lovely, brilliant and ambitious Vanessa Ortega, and her Fit Solution! Vanessa has served as an on camera host for numerous projects including The Realty Minute, X Fan TV, and on the red carpet. She is the CEO and Founder of Fit Solution For Life on Vanessa Ortega TV; a weblog hosting virtual events pertaining to fitness and wellness, including her brilliant Fit Solution Summit that was launched this past July. While there are many videos in our world about the “right way to get fit,” Vanessa has created a video series in which she interviews 22 of our world’s health and fitness experts on the real ways to lose weight, get fit, see results, and stay balanced and happy…some, that would never be expected. Interviews include experts like Tony Horton (the creator of P90x,) How to Flip your Fat Burning Switch On with Dr. Alan Christianson, Why it’s Better to Eat Rich Foods with Mira & Jayson Calton, Forever Fat Loss with Ari Whitten and Let’s Get Cookin’ with flavor chef Lance Roll among many. Vanessa has worked as a personal trainer, a fabulous host, and now the creator of a transformative fitness experience. With her desire to help others achieve their best and reprogram their minds and bodies for success, the lovely Vanessa Ortega is a great role model for, “how to achieve and maintain optimal health and fitness…for life.”

Vanessa, thank you so much for joining Miss Strong for an interview today! We greatly respect your talent, hard work and dedication to developing practical, honest approaches towards getting in shape. You have noted that part of the reason why you can relate so well to people failing to get desired results is because you’ve struggled a little yourself. Can you discuss some of your own challenges and how these led you down your current path?

Thanks for having me! I started yo-yo dieting when I was in my pre-teens so I know how hard it can be to struggle with weight and emotional eating. I feel that many people are overwhelmed by the abundance of health and fitness information that they are exposed to, much of which is centered around quick fix diets and fad fitness routines. I wanted to expose the real reasons why those of us who have struggled with our weight are frustrated by the “Eat less. Exercise more” philosophy and find it difficult to rely on willpower alone. I also wanted to help people understand that there is no such thing as a “perfect one size fits all diet” and that the goal is to find the plan that each individual will be able to get results with and sustain for life.

That’s incredibly true, there is definitely an overwhelming abundance of health and fitness information out there. You say that none of the diet fads you tried when you were younger ever worked. Why do you think that is?

They failed for a number of reasons. 1)I was already dealing with a dysfunctional metabolism which was brought on by yo-yo dieting. 2)I bought into the idea that any commercial diet would work well for anybody as long as they adhere to it. I now know that there’s more to it than that since we are all unique and have different metabolisms. 3) Many of the diets gave me the short term results I was after but were not sustainable. 4) Many diets I tried were centered around weight loss not body composition so I was losing weight at the expense of losing lean muscle mass. I now favor an approach that focuses on body composition rather than weight loss since I understand the importance of building and preserving muscle.

Sustainability is key. In your opinion and from your experience as a personal trainer, what is “the right way?!” Everyone is always searching for the real way to lose weight and look good. So, is there one? How do we obtain optimal fitness for life?

I think that there is no such this as “the right way” for everyone. We are all different and have different metabolisms. In my practice, I start clients off with an assessment to get an idea of what metabolism type is, and tailor their program around that. Then I track their progress and make changes accordingly. My goal is to balance my clients’ hunger, energy, and cravings while helping them lose fat and preserve or build lean muscle. My mission is to help turn dieters in to detectives; by listening to the cues that our body is giving us we can find the most efficient and sustainable diet for us as an individual.

Vanessa is introducing her new Hunger and Cravings Solution series!

Vanessa is introducing her new Hunger and Cravings Solution series!

Let’s talk about strength. Someone comes up to you, and tells you that, “they want to be STRONG.” What do you say?

I say “heck yeah you do! let’s do this!” I LOVE hearing this from everyone but especially from women. I think that this is a much healthier attitude to have than to say “I want to be skinny” which is admittedly the mindset I had as young girl. I now want to be lean, fit, and strong both mentally and physically and I hope to inspire others to do the same.

How can a woman be strong and fit, but also feminine?

I think that, by nature, women are meant to be strong…after all, we are the ones who birth babies! I think many people feel that women can’t be fit and strong while being feminine at the same time but I totally disagree. I think that being fit and strong not only protects our bones as we age(SO important for us women) but also helps us stay healthier, more vibrant, and makes us better equipped to face all of life’s challenges.

Speaking of which, you’ve been a host for many different events and broadcast shows, so you’ve been on camera a lot. Has that had an impact on how you’ve felt and looked at your own body?

For sure! I’m naturally curvier than a lot of the other on camera hosts I’ve encountered. At first, I felt that I needed to fit the “thin host” mold but I’m now a lot more confident with embracing my curves, and showing the world that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

One thing that you strongly advocate on your website and in your Fit Solution is the idea of being balanced in everyday life. How do you find sustainable balance?

I check in with myself daily and assess my hunger, energy, and cravings. If my hunger and cravings are out of whack I might add in a little extra protein and fiber. If my energy is a little low I might add in a few more grams carbs. I think that checking in with yourself and making adjustments rather than sticking to a strict plan despite how you feel makes for a much more sustainable balance. I also treat myself to a reward meal each week and encourage my clients to do the same.

The Fit Solution Summit proved to be both a brilliant idea, and a great success. Where did this idea come from, and where did your motivation come from to put in so much time and hard work?

Thanks! The idea came from my own struggles and confusion around health and fitness. I wanted to help debunk diet myths and help my viewers discover the right plan for them.

Vanessa Ortega's Fit Solution Summit

Vanessa Ortega’s Fit Solution Summit

While you’ve been creating many virtual fitness events and hosting interviews, you’ve also created your own company, Fit Solution For Life, and you are the CEO. (Congratulations! We love it!) Describe the process is took to get there on your own.

Thanks! I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart and felt inspired to build a thriving business around my passion-health & fitness. My first goal was to create valuable content for viewers and due to my on camera experience I felt that video would be most fitting format. I created Fit Solution Summit and since it was so well received by thousands of viewers all over the globe, who wanted more guidance, I decided to begin working with clients one on one. It’s been a very organic process but it all began with putting my heart into the content that I was providing.

You recently interviewed 22 fitness experts on a variety of topics like diet, training, wellness and even cooking! We all learned a lot. How did your own personal perspective evolve from these interviews?

I learned so much from these world class experts and am so grateful for their insights. I have struggled with some recent health issues-migraines, hair loss, weight gain, fatigue and I was very curious about functional medicine. I learned a lot from all my experts but I think my greatest take aways were related to functional medicine.

Was there anything you disagreed with during the interviews, or didn’t expect?

I approached all interviews with an open mind but I was definitely most surprised by Dr. Garrett Smith’s take on water consumption. While most of us have been told to drink a lot of water, Dr. Smith was telling us that we don’t need as much water as we think. I was also surprised when Ari Whitten said that sleep deprivation could be one of the main reasons behind our hunger and cravings. I was fascinated by this and have been doing a ton of research around the subject.

What is something that you value most in a fitness company or in a fitness interview?

I value transparency. I like it when experts share their story and their own struggles. I think our most powerful asset is our personal story because it allows us to connect with each other, which in my opinion, is the key to a successful interview and/or company.

We value that too. Being real about personal struggles reminds people that everybody experiences a lot of the same issues. To you, what is the most challenging part of being actively involved in the fitness industry?

I think keeping up with all the latest research is the most challenging part but I don’t mind it because I’m so fascinated by it and want to provide my clients with the most up to date information available.

Vanessa proves that women can be FEMININE, BEAUTIFUL AND STRONG!

Vanessa proves that women can be FEMININE, BEAUTIFUL AND STRONG!

If every young woman turned to you for one single piece of advice right now, what would you tell them?

I’d tell them not to get on the yo yo diet roller- coaster like I did because this vicious cycle is really bad for their metabolism and will cause them to continue to have issues with their weight as they get older. I’d tell them to instead check in with themselves regularly to see how they are feeling (paying close attention to their hunger, energy, and cravings) and to check their body composition(if they are interested in tracking it) rather than their weight. Then based on that, they can then adjust their macros(carbs, protein, and fat) if their hunger, energy, and/or cravings are out of whack or if they aren’t getting the results they want. I want women to learn how to listen to their body so that can look and feel great and get the results they want. I also want to help shift the focus from weight to body composition because I know how important preserving and building muscle is for our overall health.

We know you’re launching a new exciting series this month…tell us about it! Why should readers get involved, and how can we get involved?

Yes! I’m super excited about this Free 3 part video series HUNGER AND CRAVINGS SOLUTION! Many of my viewers said that they are ready to make a lifestyle change and I know that a couple of the things that always come up when we start a new program are hunger and cravings. My goal with this series is to give my viewers practical tools that they can begin to implement IMMEDIATELY so that they can get the results they want and deserve. Here’s the link to sign up:

From the Fit Solution to the Hunger And Cravings Solution…we love it! Miss Strong can’t wait to subscribe too! And lastly…..favorite fitness motto/slogan…go! 🙂

The “perfect diet” is the one YOU can sustain for life! 🙂

And there you have it, ladies. She’s honest, she’s real, and she reminds us that the perfect Fit Solution, while there may not be a set or perfectly prescribed diet and training plan, is one that is personal and sustainable, FOR YOU. Make sure to check out Vanessa Ortega TV for Vanessa’s work, upcoming series and information, and remember to sign up for her FREE new Hunger and Cravings Solution series for helpful and valuable information. Below are all the ways that you can stay connected and stay tuned with Vanessa:

Vanessa Ortega TV:

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Instagram: @vanessaortegatv

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Twitter: @vanessaortegatv


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