Paleo Coconut Pancakes With Sweet Plantains

…..Yes. we know. You saw the title, and clicked on the recipe. We did too. Thanks to the lovely Courtney Prather over at Fitness Life Adventure ( your lazy-sunday-pancake mornings just got a whole lot better. Just kidding…every single morning of the week just got a whole lot better. Courtney has inspired many in the gym and fitness industry, and now she’s sharing this lovely recipe with you for inspiration in the kitchen for a wonderful day of sunshine, smiles, and clean good eats. Cheers to life, and to pancakes. The right way. -Miss Strong

Photo credit: Courtney Prather

Photo credit: Courtney Prather

Courtney: “One of my favorite trips ever was to Costa Rica. Everything from the people, the landscape, the surf and the food was amazing. Pura Vida…

Waking up every day and having fried sweet plantains with yogurt (a popular local breakfast dish) was heavenly. I mean I didn’t even know what a plantain was up until then, and I definitely didn’t know a rotten-banana-looking-thing could taste that good. It’s like candy. The locals said I hate so many I was going to be a mosquito magnet. Luckily, that didn’t happen so the pounds of plantains I had that week was totally worth it.

Now, the authentic way to make fried sweet plantains is frying them in oil and sugar to make them soft and caramelized. It tastes amazing but I wouldn’t exactly call it healthy. But I found an easier, healthier way to recreate this dish at home whenever I’m feeling exotic.

In this recipe, the sweet plantains are used as a sweet topping for my Gluten Free Paleo Coconut Pancakes. Move over banana pancakes, you have to try this breakfast recipe.
Gluten Free Paleo Coconut Pancakes with Sweet Plantains

These gluten free, grain free, paleo coconut pancakes are better than the real thing. Fried sweet plantains add sweetness and taste like Costa Rica. #puravida

Prep Time: 5 min Cook Time: 10 min Total Time: 15 min

1 Extra ripe yellow plantain, peeled and sliced into 1″ pieces
1 TBSP coconut oil
1 TBSP organic honey
1 Egg
2 Egg whites
1/3 Cup raw coconut flour
1/2 Cup coconut milk
1 Tsp vanilla extract
1 Tsp apple cider vinegar (can omit but helps with rising)
1 Tsp coconut nectar or organic honey
Dash of sea salt


Photo credit: Courtney Prather

Photo credit: Courtney Prather

Heat coconut oil and honey in small nonstick skillet
Once melted, add plantains and heat for 3-5 minutes, flipping often
Remove from heat and set aside once edges are browned and a fork goes right through.
Mix all other ingredients in a blender or food processor (egg, whites, coconut flour, coconut milk, vanilla, apple cider vinegar, coconut nectar and sea salt)
Once it reaches batter-like consistency, pour 4″ diameter pancakes onto heated, greased skillet
Heat for 1-2 minutes, flip once bubbles start to appear, and heat other side until lightly browned
Serve with ‘fried’ plantains and maple syrup on top, enjoy!


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