I’m Sexy and I Know It: Real Talk

misstrongI’m Sexy And I Know It. Is what every single woman should be saying. Women should be looking in the mirorr and seeing beauty. Women should be loving their bodies, themselves, and the incredibly brilliant, wonderful, gorgeous and powerful things that they have to offer. When women are gathered around for girls night out talking to each other about their current diet and fitness routines, they should be smiling, and laughing, and respectfully commenting about how proud they are of their own progress, dedication and hard work. Women who find themselves grabbing onto unwanted body fat should be turning, “look how disgusting this is!” into “I am still so unquestionably beautiful and happy, regardless of what I think of this problem area.” The reality of this world and life is that some women do this, and some women don’t. There are many confident girls, and many who feel the need to hide underneath baggy clothes and behind harsh self-criticism. Regardless of what category you fall under while reading this…it’s time for some motivation and honest words. It’s time to turn negative, into positive. It’s time for a different perspective.

misstrongWhen I first started writing articles for Miss Strong, I had this skewed outlook that women who always talked about how “fat” or “out of shape” (yes, words are powerful and harsh) they were didn’t have a healthy or positive body image. I’m in college, so I am constantly around young college girls who, while talking to me about fitness and getting in shape, tend to point to a part of their body and ask me how to change it. A lot of times, girls will ask things like, “I really want to get rid of this under arm flab. Look at this! It shouldn’t jiggle…” or “All I want, is a toned stomach. I don’t want to be ripped and muscular, just flat and toned. How do I do that.” My answer was always the same. Verbally, I would tell them that in order to get fit in one place, they need to get fit everywhere…that they can’t spot reduce fat in certain places. Mentally, I would be thinking, I really wish that this beautiful person would love themselves and stop thinking negatively about certain parts of their body.

But in all honesty, grabbing onto the love handles you wish would go away, and showing me your underarm flab is actually positive. I can write articles and talk about how important it is to not just workout to “look good” but from one girl to another, and one person to another…that’s what we want and how we think. We feel good about ourselves when we look good. While pointing out things on your body that you don’t like can be negative, it can quickly become a positive. You just talked about the unwanted fat on your thighs. Good. Now go fix it.

misstrong Taking a personal negative, thinking about it, and then verbalizing it to friends, or yourself, or a trainer means that you now need to get better, and fix what you don’t like. Pointing out your flaws means that there is something in your life that you can work on, work towards, and improve. You have the opportunity to partake in a phenomenal process called change, and you are granted the opportunity to grow in the gym and in your overall life.

I don’t condone dieting and training to solely “get hot,” and I believe that in order to get results, you should train like you mean it, because you love it. Too many people are focused on their appearance, and they forget about the substance of the training and the goal. Remember ladies, there is a difference between working out and training. Working out does not yield the same strength, progression, reward and results that training does. When you train, you’re fighting for something. You’re fighting for a purpose and a goal. And above all, you’re fighting pretty darn hard to get stronger. Not just physically, but also mentally. When you’re mentally strong, you understand your body and the art of how to push hard, and back off when needed. This understanding and method of training is what changes your body. This is what will make the love handles you aren’t lovin, disappear.

misstrong Girls send me messages a lot, telling me that they’ve seen pictures of fit women and that they want to look like THAT. They ask me if I can provide them with a very specific diet to follow, and usually, always, want to know what supplements I take to look muscular and fit. Time after time, I repeat myself, explaining that I don’t take supplements, and that I simply train hard and eat well. I explain that there is no supplement in this entire world that will transform your body. Having a good physique is not a magical, one night process…and if it were, every single person on this planet would spring out of bed one morning looking like an absolutely perfect version of Jen Jewell and Arnold Schwarzenegger (for the gentleman, in this world.) After telling them that, they respond to my message. “Ok thanks I’ll try what you recommended. But what supplements can I take?”

misstrong NO!!!!! There is no easy way out. I’m probably a lot of people’s least favorite person right now for saying that. As I said in my last article called “Heart, Soul, and How To Look Hot” in order to look and feel “hot” you need to be able to wake up in the morning and decide, on your own, what you’re about to eat for breakfast. It is YOUR body that you want to transform, and therefore YOUR mental strength and independence that needs to get you there. Trainers can help you get on track and teach you, but you need to also become your own trainer and be indepedent, not dependent on a specific training and meal plan that includes 1 cup of almonds and 2×10 squats every monday. You need to be successful, sustainable, and balanced. So basically….no. There are not any specific supplements to take.

misstrongYou are capable of incredible and impressive feats of progress and strength. And you want to be like the woman you see in the picture, or the athlete you’ve seen on TV? No. I don’t think so. You need to realize that instead of living to workout, and only working out, you can reach a better place by training and maintaining all aspects of your life. Go to work, go to school, train hard…do it all, and do it all well. By having goals and high standards for yourself, you will be incredible, but you will also be individual. During that process of working hard to be better, you’ll get in shape.

It’s simple. If you want to get in shape but don’t want to train hard, then you don’t want to get in shape. If you want to talk about your flaws but don’t want to move forward and change, then you’re going to be pretty unhappy with yourself, and also still have those flaws! See, what you do, and what you change, primarily depends on you. YOU, YOU, YOU! You. Hey you! Change your perspective. Work hard.

You are sexy and you know it. Deep down, we are all capable of self-love and appreciation. We are also capable of training like beasts, and of getting things done and reaching goals. You want to wake up in the morning, and instead of pulling up your shirt and looking at your abs in the bathroom mirror, look at your face and be able to say, “That goal I had last month? Been there. Done that. Nailed ittt.” Say that. While also having abs.

misstrongEnough talk about what you want to look like, what parts of your body you specifically want to change, and worrying time and time again about how good you look in white jeans or stretchy pencil skirts. No matter what your body looks like, whether you are extremely lean or extremely curvy, you will always look beautiful. If you grab underneath your arm or find yourself staring at an area on your belly, say, “I love this part.” We say that about our favorite song, so why can’t we say it about ourselves too? You are special, you are strong, and you are a woman. Be a role model for other women too.

You are sexy. I know it, and you need to know it too.

Have a strong, and beautiful day today.

Miss Strong





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