Passport to: Worst and Weirdest DIET Fads on our Planet..Plus Some Incredibly Illegal Foods


A lot of people seemed to love our reflection of the absolute WORST fitness trends of 2013, so we’ve decided to touch base on another shockingly explicit list…the worst global diet choices. Our online fitness community and audience has taken a broad leap and now includes viewers from countries like Kenya, Mexico, Italy, Ireland, Vietnam, Trinidad and Tobago, Korea…so let’s talk about diet problems, internationally! To my shock as I typed “terrible global diet trends” into my Google search bar, very limited information followed. Why don’t more people have a list of terrible diet trends in addition to the infamous American Big Mac or Atkins Diet!?  It’s time to take a broader look at the world and the countries in it, and discover some of the worst and weirdest diet choices on our planet. In addition, we’ve included a look at a couple different foods that we eat everyday in the United States…that are banned in other countries. Think again before inhaling those Ruffle chips and taking a bite of arsenic fried chicken.


1. The Dukan Diet: Although the American “Atkins” diet has a cool name, this one sounds even cooler. Until you actually understand that this diet consists of eating foods on certain days, based off of certain cycles. Designed by a French nutritionist and prevalent throughout the UK and France, the Dukan diet (aka the French Protein Diet) suggests that you go through different eating phases in order to lose weight. In the “cruise” phase, you only eat protein for several days, cycled in with days where you add in vegetables. Oh wait but I forgot…you’re allowed 2 tablespoons of oat bran per day. That sounds fun. Here’s to developing headaches, not getting enough vitamins and nutrients, dizziness, only eating meat, and feeling the worst you’ve ever felt. Under the diet’s FAQ someone asked, “What about kidney failure?” I take that as a sign.

...but really.

…but really.

2. The Air Diet: Please don’t. After being created in France, the Air Diet began circulating through a feature in Grazia Magazine, informing people to not eat. Advocating recipes like “water soup” and emphasizing the strong power of imagination (like…imagining your water is soup?) the Air Diet became popular for a very short period in Hollywood among a couple celebrities. THIS IS DANGEROUS, and incredibly unhealthy. Not eating, as we always discuss in our articles, is not how to lose weight and get healthier. DO NOT try this…I promise you girl, that you cannot live off of the air around you!!!

...She tried to lemon detox diet.

…She tried to lemon detox diet.

3. The Lemon Detox Diet: This is pretty much a globally followed diet, emphasizing weight-loss by drinking lemon water with maple syrup…and only lemon water, with maple syrup. Basically to summarize, you will lose water weight for a couple days until you begin to enter starvation mode, signaling your body to hold onto every fat molecule it can. Feed your body actual food, and it will shed weight. Drink only warm cleansing lemon water with a bunch of pure sugar mixed in, and it won’t thank you nicely. And ooooh girlll….can we even talk about the binging that will follow!?

4. The Cabbage Soup Diet: Let’s eat bowls of cabbage soup for seven days in order to lose weight as quickly as possible…SAID NO ONE EVER. Although Russian dishes consist of a lot of cabbage, somebody crossed the line. On day one, you can eat cabbage soup all day with fruit, and by day five you’re allowed to eat cabbage soup with the lovely addition of “six tomatoes”. But only six. I don’t think we should think about what happens by day seven.

5. The Purple Food Diet: Thank you so much to the person who decided to create a diet based off of any food that’s purple. If it’s only one color, it must be good for you right? I don’t really have much to say about this diet…besides, here’s to living off eggplants, purple sweet potatoes, purple dyed fruit loops, artificially flavored gatorade, and the very few other foods in this world that are purple.

Five bites is NOT ENOUGH

Five bites is NOT ENOUGH

6. Five-Bite Diet: Portion control is a wise discipline to develop for a healthy lifestyle, but not in this way. After ignoring breakfast and drinking water all day, dieters simply take five bites of lunch and dinner. Just five. I can’t really decide whether this should be called the Starvation Diet, the Crash Diet, or the No More Fast Metabolism Diet…or all of the above. This low calorie diet will slow down your metabolism and after several days or weeks, your body will give in, eat food, and gain weight back. So yes…thank you five-bite, for promoting incredibly bad eating behaviors and food relationships.

7. Breatharianism/Daylight Diet: Breatharianism highlights the belief that food and water are simply not necessary, and people can survive on sunlight. Sunlight is wonderful……and so is food and water. Here’s the basic deal: We are not plants. Therefore, absorbing sunlight does not result in photosynthesis and nourishment throughout our bodies. We will not absorb water in the soil up through our legs, and therefore need to eat and drink. So please do.


missstrong1. Food Dye: found in hundreds of cereals like fruit loops, cheetos, boxed macaroni and cheese, candy…you get the idea. Basically everything you want to put in your cart when you go grocery shopping. Almost everything on every shelf in the store contains artificial colorings and food dyes. Guess what. European countries like France, UK, Finland and Norway have realized that food dye contains chemicals that are used to make gasoline and asphalt, and have banned them in their products. Dyes can deteriorate nerve cells, and cause brain damage. PUT DOWN THE LUCKY CHARMS.

2. Olestra: You’re over there like, what’s that?! I don’t eat something called OLESTRA. But you do. Because Olestra is an ingredient found in french fries, fat-free potato chips, corn chips, and other snacks. Banned in the UK and Canada, it leads to incredibly leaky bowels and cramps. Yummy snack to have in a bowl at a party? I think not.Potato-Chips

3. Synthetic Growth Hormones: are incredibly prevalent in dairy products and milk, and incredibly banned in Japan, Canada, New Zealand, and Europe. Found in cows and transferred into the dairy we consume, growth hormones lead to infertility, many different cancers, and weaker muscular growth. Maybe it’s time to examine that lumpy cottage cheese you keep in the fridge.

4. Arsenic: because I seriously want to eat that. Let’s go out to lunch and have some arsenic together…because that’s pretty much what you’re doing when you ingest poultry from certain food chains. Fried chicken…chicken nuggets (if there happens to actually be chicken in them)…you get the point. Arsenic is found in some chicken to make it look pinker and more tender. For those of you who don’t know, another word for arsenic is poison, and it kills you when you eat enough. Here’s to Europe banning the use of poison in their meat.

Basically….don’t diet. Don’t eat air. Don’t consume massive amounts of poison and olestra at a sleepover with friends, and don’t spend your nights relying on food dyes and growth hormones next to your bowl of cabbage soup. Eat wholesome healthy foods, and be a healthy person. If a product has to contain any level of chemicals in order to make it look or taste more appealing, forget it. This isn’t natural, and it certainly isn’t what our bodies need. There’s a reason why other countries have banned so many different artificial ingredients, and so my final advice to you; seek natural ingredients from natural foods, and a better life will follow, regardless of where you live.

Miss Strong


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