That’s Not Hot: Worst Fitness Trends of 2013

Every year people rate the top fitness diets, products and trends as the absolute best and healthiest. And at the end of the year, we look back and realize that while drinking cranberry juice for six months to slim down may have seemed hot…it’s actually not. Miss Strong has noted and researched some of the hottest fitness trends of this past year, and put them on our “ABSOLUTE WORST” trend list for the year of 2013. The real question is, do you agree? Maybe you look forward to that glass of red wine after you work on your biceps in new gym bars, or like spending your day eating steak slabs in spandex pants. Let’s hear what viewers think….hot or not? 


...Beer after doing biceps?

…Beer after doing biceps?

1. Gyms with bars: Yes. This is a trend. More and more gyms started serving alcohol to their customers as an ideal “cool down” method this past year, and gyms now sport slogans like, “Get Boozed and Buffed.” Sorry to open up the list with this, but don’t you think finishing your workout with a bottle of water is a little better? Post workout, you need to help your muscles recover by providing them with solid nourishment and maintaining increased metabolism…no thanks to taking a depressant. Unless you’re a bodybuilder about to step onto stage and need your veins to start popping all over your body, a glass of wine after a workout is a no.

2. Juice Fasting Kits: The plan is simple: drink liquid all day for every meal that is supposed to contain all necessary nutrients for our bodies, and lose weight…and also starve. There is a reason why food grows up from the ground and is available to us in many different…solid forms. So that we can eat it. Last time I checked, human beings do not resemble fish in any way, so eating…I’m sorry, drinking a diet based off of water and kelp like plants is kind of wrong.

I bring you, FIT FLOPS

I bring you, FIT FLOPS

3. Butt Toning Sneakers/Body Sculpting Shoes: ……….oh sorry, am I supposed to comment on this? Sketchers Shape Up, Fit Flops…ya so how about we take a shoe, stick a small platform underneath it and call it a day…go do some squats.

4. Machines that vibrate: No. Sadly this new fad is back…you saw it on TV a couple years ago with the Shake Weight, and now vibrating machines are in gyms right and left. You want to workout? Move your body and legs. Don’t stand on top of something that gently moves you. If you want to, then don’t waste money on a gym membership and go sit on your washing machine. No wonder the International Journal of Sports Medicine conducted a study of women who used vibrating machines 4 times a week for 24 weeks…and nothing happened.

You're a girl, so you heck well can lift more than this.

You’re a girl, so you heck well can lift more than this.

5. The Bulletproof Diet: The 100 pound weight loss of the creator of this diet is incredibly inspiring and wonderful. The Bulletproof diet consists of several steps; eliminate sugars, add healthy fats, eliminate synthetic colors and flavorings, eat good amounts of meat, switch to organic fruits and veggies, “cook your food gently, if you must”, add spices….ok so basically what you’re telling me is…eat like a normal healthy person? That’s what I thought at first too, until I realized it’s basically the Paleo diet. In addition, it goes further to distinguish itself from other diets by suggesting that you eat a scoop of butter and coffee in the morning…yum. Lastly, emphasis is placed on the fact that the creator of the diet lost weight by sleeping less than 5 hours for 2 years, never working out, and eating 4500 calories a day. Yeapp sooo…sounds good.

Here's to a breakfast of black coffee and a butter stick

Here’s to a breakfast of black coffee and a butter stick

6. The Neck Slimmer: A product that you place under your chin that exercises your neckline. A $15 not well spent. You can’t spot reduce fat on your body…if you want to lose weight that shows under your chin or on your neck, lose weight everywhere. Get active. Please do not sit in a chair with a neck slimmer.

7. No Carbs: Stop. Don’t even….all these no carb diets? I challenge you to eat no carbs for the rest of your life, and I guarantee that you can’t sustain it for a couple months. Why? Because carbs are good and our bodies need them to function. Depriving yourself of carbs actually leads to weight gain, because in the long run your body gives up and eats everything it was deprived of. Take it from me, I know. Stop cutting carbs out of your diet to fit into your lululemons, and let’s talk about cutting overconsumption of donuts and white breads…not potatoes and rice.

8. Cutting snacks for weight loss: Ain’t nobody got time for that! Try absolutely not. What happens when you eat a couple big meals a day and you end up starving in between? You eat even larger meals with heavier calorie dense foods. Snacking throughout the day keeps your metabolism up and prevents you from eating those five burgers at lunch.9. WHOLE30 Diet: Sorry that many people promised you that anyone and everyone could maintain the Paleo Diet several years back, but now 2013 hit you with the Whole30 Diet. For one month, you aren’t allowed to eat legumes, whole grains or dairy enriched in calcium and Vitamin D. As the makers of the diet specifically state, “Strip them from your diet completely. This will change your life.” Ya, I bet it will, because you won’t feel good for an entire 30 days. Basically what’s left is meat and vegetables…so let’s be real…it’s a renamed Paleo Diet. Here’s to binging on bread after 4 weeks.

I actually do not want to rub this all over my body.

I actually do not want to rub this all over my body.

9. Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer: Sounds kind of yucky…the new claim is that the product creates a sauna-like effect and produces a high amount of sweat while you exercise for weight loss….or water weigh loss. Some people rub it all over their entire body and have covered it up with a layer of plastic wrap before exercise. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME….that isn’t a joke. Don’t do it. That’s scary, and not sweet.

Photo credit: Keith Markel

Photo credit: Keith Markel

10. Eat A LOT of protein: … that you can get ketosis, kidney damage, constipation, increased risk of cardiovascular disease and weight gain…said no one ever who thought of this “hot trend.” We see high protein diets in the South Beach Diet, Atkins, etc. Protein is good for you…and it contributes to fat loss and muscle building. But too much protein in extremely high and  excessive amounts is not used by your body, and stored as fat. It also can add a high amount of fat in your diet that raises cholesterol and triglycerides. You lose weight with 3 different macronutrients: carbs, protein and fat. Protein is not the only vital food group- sorry to all those that planned their day around five different kinds of meat.

11. Go Gluten-Free For Weight Loss: When you walk into a pastry shop and see Gluten-free muffins and banana bread slices, they were baked for those who are gluten intolerant, and cannot consume wheat for health reasons. If you think you’re going to lose weight by eating Gluten-Free granola for breakfast as opposed to normal granola, understand that there is no evidence that gluten is a fattening ingredient. Stop eating pancakes made out of pure white flour and you’ll be ok. Cut gluten and you can witness deficiencies in B12, fiber and iron. Whoopsy.

If you're fit, you're fit...not because of the special yoga pants you wear.

If you’re fit, you’re fit…not because of the special yoga pants you wear.

12. “Wearing special spandex pants gets you in better shape”: Although backsides look a lot better in Nike spandex leggings, I spent all of high school training in baggy trash bag looking shorts and t-shirts with the sleeves cut off, and my legs strangely look the same as they did back then. What really gets you in shape and helps you build muscle, is when you workout. The spandex and elastic in pants do not change the composition of your body, so don’t be ashamed to wear sweat pants on your run. In fact….next time, go wear sweat pants on your run.

13. Cheat and go wildddd on weekends: If you want to hide everything you’ve been working towards, including a healthy lifestyle. Binging and going all out hog wild with food on the weekends adds up, and also creates a negative relationship with food. Food is not a “cheat” and if that’s what you have to call it, you’re depriving yourself too much and doing something wrong.



So am I right, or do you disagree? Maybe you’ve had a life changing experience because of the Bulletproof diet and butter in your coffee, or wear Fit Flops everywhere you go. If so, that’s wonderful! We respect what works for you, and would love to hear your story, your trends, and your inspirations on what’s hot..and just not. Cheers to a new year, new choices and new lifestyles.

-Miss Strong


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