Kallari Chocolate: Why It’s Ok To “Begin” To Eat Dessert

Kallari: a verb. In Kichwa, it means “to begin” or “to commence”. Refers to the beginning of time, and how our ancestors used to live. Miss Strong says, let’s begin to eat more chocolate.

rusticThere are many great types of chocolate and chocolate companies out there. I’m not talking about the big ones, like Hershey, but the organic, rich and local ones that can be found in health food stores like Whole Foods or Natural Grocers. We are convinced that chocolate and dessert is bad for us…it can be, if you eat low quality chocolate full of different artificial ingredients every single day. But what if I told you that some chocolate is in fact good for your body? The right chocolate is good for the body, the mind and the soul. Like we always emphasize, products and food full of vitality, joy, and actual substance are highly valued through our eyes. Since we aim to bring you the best nutrition and food products for your body and the environment, Miss Strong wants to introduce a personal favorite brand of chocolate. Kallari Chocolate.

It isn’t just a chocolate company, or a good quality chocolate bar. Kallari Chocolate is a 3542001843_47cb962aa1_ocompany and brand that supports everything Miss Strong stands for. It’s unique. It brings you that chocolate bar…and you know what I’m talking about…that widens your smile and brightens your day. There are always those little things we live for in life that make us indescribably happy. Chocolate, ladies, no doubt is one of them. Respect your body and your heart and fill it with a high quality piece of dark chocolate that makes you love who you are.

So why do we love Kallari? Why is it special? Is Miss Strong telling you that CHOCOLATE IS GOOD FOR YOU? Are we, giving you PERMISSION TO EAT SOME CHOCOLATE? Yes. We are. Remember, being balanced and fit is not about strict extreme dieting or killing yourself in the gym. It’s about putting in a good amount of work, sometimes training when you don’t want to, pushing, but enjoying life. We want you to eat some chocolate…in moderation, every once in awhile.

Kallari Chocolate is 100% farm owned, and taken directly from the raw cacao found in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. 80% of the dark chocolate flavor is fromhome_lisan the beans, producing an incredibly high quality, flavorful bar. Beans are collected in Ecuador from special cocoa groves in the rainforest, and transported by hiking, boating…talk about getting active and staying fit while producing chocolate! Two of Miss Strong’s favorite things. In addition, cocoa butter added in during chocolate creation means that each bar is completely soy-free and melts on your tongue. Cocoa butter is a natural fat that helps control cholesterol levels, and is considered a “healthy” fat. Yes. Each bar has amazing variety and flavor, but every single chocolate square is made with the intention of quality and well being of the environment and every single consumer. Instead of creating a common chocolate bar in a main stream factory, the company strives to preserve Kichwa culture and traditions while empowering future generations. All wrapped up in one chocolate bar, one bite is worth more than just a quick, sweet taste of dessert. Kallari is a taste of the future, of the past, and of our present efforts to be strong, sustainable, and clean.

If you decide to treat yourself to a piece of chocolate…or an entire bar…remember that even if it’s a “once in awhile thing” you should strive to fill your body with raw, clean products…regardless of whether or not it’s a dessert. Your body deserves a piece of chocolate mixed with a hint of passion fruit and cloves, or a caress of vanilla caramel undertones. You are worth it, and so is your body.

Kallari Chocolate is available in countries like the USA, UK, Scandinavia, Ecuador, and can be found mentioned in numerous well known publications and press releases like National Geographic Traveler, The New York Times, Confessions of A Chocolatier, and Lonely Planet. The brand is not only sold in a variety of flavors of bars in stores, but is also used in many restaurants and bakeries, like Hugo Restaurants in West Hollywood/California, and The Painted Truffle in the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia. Connected with the world, and their local community, the company also provides events like internships abroad, family stays at the original farm in South America, Amazon day visits, and an entire Kallari Cafe located in Quito.

internships_1           family_stay

For more information on Kallari Chocolate and to support the company and local workers in Ecuador, visit www.kallari.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/friendsofkallari


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