Here’s to Miss Strong: I’ll Be Real With You

miss strong

“Sometimes we have those days when we dont feel strong enough or fit enough. We dont feel like our body looks as good as it could, or should. We have days when we pull up to the gym and think about turning around and going back home. You might be working really hard…you might wake up every morning and make the same food for your diet, or force yourself to get to the gym. Day after day, you aren’t seeing results, so you get frustrated. You want to stop, you feel like your effort isn’t doing you any good.  You pull out a fitness magazine or go onto one of these social network sites…you stare at the ripped women on Pinterest and ask yourself why you don’t look the same way. There are days when we spend time knocking ourselves down instead of building ourselves up. I’m not going to lie. You want me to be real with you? I have weak moments when I need motivation. I have moments when I feel like hard work takes time. I get impatient, upset. But being Miss Strong is not about how curvy your booty is or how big your biceps are, how cut your stomach is at the pool. Being Miss Strong is about how much you love yourself, and how much love you put out to the girls and people around you. Being Miss Strong is about standing in a gym with a weight in each hand, ready to challenge yourself beyond your own limits. My advice to you? Support each other. Support yourself. But understand that giving up on “those days” is not an option. Every triumph comes from challenge. It is on those days that your beautiful warrior is born in the gym, and in your life. So get up, show up, do your work, stay humble, and go. You are not alone, but you are your own Miss Strong.”



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