Interview with Teen Pop Singer Maddie Kae


Miss Strong is all about being fit and working hard in the gym, but we also aim to highlight strong women who have accomplished something in their lives. Young girls, teenagers, older women…it doesn’t matter what your age is, or where you come from, or what you love to do. What matters is the strength that you’ve invested into your everyday life and goals. Miss Strong wanted to feature a young lady who has made incredible benchmarks and accomplishments in her life so far, and represents a real girl, with real beauty, courage and balance. Many of you have probably heard her singing on the radio or have heard that she is “a rising pop starlet” with “strong vocals and a vibrant personality.” Pop artist Maddie Kae, at 17 years old, can be found writing her top single like “Being Me”, in recording studios across Nashville and singing on stage at charity events in her hometown. She is healthy, happy, and confident. A role model for young girls and a singer who has worked hard for success, Maddie Kae is a wonderful representation of a strong girl. Miss Strong sat down with her for an interview to ask about her daily life, how Hollywood has impacted her body image, strength, and her idea of a strong and beautiful body. Hopefully, you ladies will be inspired to love yourselves.

1003661_384094315026019_2114381148_nCan you please tell our readers about what you do singing wise and some of the success you’ve had already? Are you proud of what you’ve accomplished?

I am a country/pop artist and I have been scouted by Capitol Records, Damon Sharpe Music and Central Florida Talent. Currently, I am about ready to go on the Teen Nation Tour for anti-bullying 2013, which will last through August and September (my most recent project). Right now I am focusing on recording more music in Nashville. I am very proud of my accomplishments! Most quit before they even get to the recording process, so to keep with it is huge.

 So you’re a young girl who has done some big things! What has that been like for you?

It has definitely been a head rush. It is obviously a lot of work as I have to miss school a lot and I have to catch up…but it is completely worth it. I have met so many amazing people, and it has been so much fun.

Describe what it feels like to be so passionate and in love with what you do? What motivates/drives you, every day?

It’s just my favorite thing to do! I love the writing process, the recording process, performing and promoting music. My music is written to have a purpose, hopefully to change someone’s life in a way for them to feel an urge to smile, dance or become inspired.

You’re strong, but not just in the gym. On stage, in the recording studio and in everyday life. Did you have to develop your independence and strength to do so much on your own…was it a process?

I have always been very independent and have always known exactly what I need to do to get where I want to be. Gaining strength was a process. I have always had haters who have tried to deteriorate my passions, but I realized over time that no matter what they say, I have accomplished so much and I keep improving. This realization of accomplishment gave me my strength.

The music and acting/Hollywood industry is incredibly focused on appearance and looks. Everyday we see pictures of models and actresses in magazines, and headlines stating that they aren’t skinny enough. You’re known for being incredibly comfortable and happy with yourself and your body. Do you ever feel pressured to fit into a smaller size or lose weight? Do people ever make you feel unhappy with your body?

934949_598836623461813_1795324573_nAt first I was very insecure with my body but I soon realized that I have assets others don’t and others have assets I don’t. People can definitely be harsh though. At the age of 13 I was being told to lose weight, but I am happy and healthy so I am not going to change based on someone else’s thoughts. 

Is it ever challenging being in this industry and not conforming to the media’s “ideal body” of a girl, or singer?

It almost benefits me! I am the definition of a “real” girl, and besides promoting music, that means something to me. I am a huge advocate for being yourself and natural beauty, which associates well with young girls. I look at that “ideal body” more as a suggestion than a rule for my industry.

 What makes you proud about your body, and who you are?

I have my grandmother’s body (her same measurements exactly) and she was drop dead gorgeous. She was a model in the 50s, a singer on the radio and my biggest idol and inspiration. Having her looks is the only satisfaction I need with my body. I am proud of who I am because of my family and friends. They have guided me to stay humble and always remind me why I do what I do when things get frustrating.

What would you tell other young girls who want to be confident, and find self-love and live a healthy life? What do you think is most important for them to know?

Girls need to know that confidence does not come from imitating others who seem to be happier; it will never work. Surround yourself with people who will influence you to overall be a “better you”. Find what you like to do, how you like to dress, and go with it.

Is there anything you know now, that you would want to tell yourself 2 years ago?

I would want to tell myself that I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. In middle school I had many girls tell me I wasn’t good enough to be a singer, and I use to retort back to them all of my accomplishments and so on. I now know that as long as I just keep doing what I do (singing for my own pleasure) that these types of girls are beneath me and have jealousy of accomplishment.

 How do you find balance in your life, and stay healthy?

It definitely helps that I am obsessed with fruit and Greek yogurt. But I have trained myself to think in the back of my mind that I use to be 20 pounds over weight and I know I don’t want to go back to that. I don’t have unhealthy foods in my house and I don’t binge on food. My balance just comes from prioritizing my tasks at hand and never being in a rush. I would rather get things done right then doing an okay job.

Even though you’re incredibly busy, do you incorporate exercise into your daily routine?

I would love to say I go to the gym every day but it doesn’t always work out. However, I am constantly moving and you will rarely ever see me sitting around. I also have a gym in my house for late night work outs!

1012842_386990274736423_2003609481_nWhy is it important for women to be physically, and mentally strong?

A person’s mentality sets them up for success in every arena of life. You must have the mind-set to go to the gym regularly and be proud of your sweat falling to the ground. This mind-set goes for relationships, school, happiness, health, sports, hobbies and everything else in life.

Miss Strong believes that strong is the new skinny. What do you believe about that statement?

I think it is brilliant. It’s not about the number on the back of your pants. As long as you are comfortable in your own skin and healthy, there is no need to fit into a smaller size in order to be beautiful.

You have an incredibly down to earth, bubbly, and real personality. Even though you’re constantly surrounded by the music industry, you’ve managed to stay true to yourself and act as a great role model for young girls. Is this important to you? As a role model for a teenage audience of ladies, what message do you want to get across, and hope people will follow?

I feel like the media and other role models such as “the older girls” have done a good job at maturing girls faster than necessary. It is sad to think that girls as young as 12 are developing eating disorders and an obsession with looks. It is very important to me for girls to be themselves based on who they are and not society’s standards. I just want girls to know that they are beautiful no matter what their dress size is or what their hobby is. It is about time we start accepting each other.

Quick…think fast! Off the top of your head, what is the one thing you would tell a young lady sitting in front of you right now.400649_598834980128644_654306804_n

Always remember to smile. A smile can bring a glowing joy to yourself as well as anyone around you. Your smile can go a very long way.

Maddie, Miss Strong thinks you are absolutely beautiful inside and out. You’re happy, confident, successful, and a wonderful role model and example of a strong girl. For our final question…what does beauty mean to you?

I believe the concept of beauty to be a combination of direction, inner bliss, happiness, health, and morality. A beautiful girl is a girl who is always smiling and knows what they want out of life.

Look for Maddie Kae on her upcoming tour Aug-September 2013, as well as new music releases at and her top singles, like “Being Me” and “Fearless” on itunes.

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