Golden Simplicity: Stay Lean, Clean, and Natural!

Simplicity. That’s the word for today.

So here’s the thing that most people don’t understand. When you follow a strict, limited diet…like say, eating 1/4 cup of blueberries for breakfast everyday, you think that that’s what you have to do in order to make progress. No ma’am. Believe it or not…(and we prefer that you choose to believe it) you can spend you life eating absolutely clean, nutritious and fresh food that keeps you lean and toned, fit, and mentally sane, without measuring out portions, depriving yourself of cravings, and eating foods that don’t give you any enjoyment.

misstrong This is our rule, and it’s a pretty good one to consider. Eat things that can be found on a farm or natural environment. Fresh vegetables are found on farms. Chickens and eggs are found on farms. So is fresh fruit, wholesome cheese, and raw ingredients. If a food is in a can and contains ingredients that you can’t pronounce….cans aren’t planted by farmers and dug up during the harvest season. So no.

Miss Strong strongly supports organic and local products and companies that provide fresh, wholesome foods that are locally grown. We support farms, farmers, farm to table dining, and the use of pure ingredients in our recipes. Organic food is expensive, and if you have access to such options, that is wonderful. However, ladies everywhere can be conscious and mindful as far as what goes into their bodies regardless of whether a vegetable was bought in Whole Foods, or a local general grocery store.

Basically, Miss Strong is telling you that if you eat, cook and include basic and simple foods that you could eat off a farm or natural habitat into your daily life, you’re eating clean and staying lean. Of course if you like a natural product like avocados or almond butter, which are healthy fats, and you overindulge everyday without working out, you still face the possibility of higher body fat levels as opposed to someone who exercises daily and balances ingredients. Learning about nutrients and striking a balance is a process. However, if you just finished a box of tasty-cakes with cream stuffing and are frustrated with your motivation level or appearance, decide to simplify your life. All of the harsh and complicated ingredients in processed foods contribute to setbacks, unhealthy bodies and minds, and an overall daily feeling of regret and low energy. I’m pretty sure Twinkies don’t decompose into the ground. Don’t put an artificial puff of chemicals into your beloved body. We love, and believe in you too much.

So there you have it. The golden rule to making progress. Eating clean, eating natural foods…but most importantly, keeping things simple. If you’ve been keeping up with our recipes in the recipe and Strong Food section, you’ll notice that none of our ingredients are complicated, incredibly special, or unusual. We keep it basic. Simple. And bring you the best options for your body. In my opinion, our substitute and healthy recipes taste even better than something like a processed muffin or a Wendy’s burger.

When you wake up in the morning and open the fridge to make breakfast, or stop for lunch on your way to your next daily event, take a couple seconds and quickly ask yourself one, simple question. “Can I get this on a farm, or in a natural environment?” If the answer is no, your body does not deserve it, you can walk away from it, and you can do much, much better.

Happy simplifying. Cheers to life.

-Miss Strong


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