So why should I believe in YOU? Quick Morning Motivation.

Except that really isn’t the question.

The question is, why should you believe in yourself? Because let’s be real here…while the approval of others is important and encouraging. you are the ONLY reason why you get up out of bed in the morning to start your day, step into a gym, or make an effort to cook a healthy meal for yourself. There is no one else to take the credit. People might encourage you, or persuade you, or inspire you. It doesn’t matter. If you don’t believe in yourself, nothing gets done.

YOU can do things that you didn't even know were possible. And when you do, you'll be proud that you kept going.

YOU can do things that you didn’t even know were possible. And when you do, you’ll be proud that you kept going.

Recently, I’ve heard a lot of ladies talk badly about themselves. About their weight…certain parts of their bodies that they hate. “Look! My stomach and hips remind me of JELL-O pudding.” I hear about how hard girls try, and how non progressive their results are. It’s enough.

If you’re reading this right now, and you ARE that lady…..stop. I don’t want to hear it, and deep down neither do you.

It’s hard to explain to all women how beautiful they are, because as ladies, we knock ourselves down…partly so that the sympathy we hopefully earn for ourselves is an excuse to not get work done. It’s easier that way, right? If we feel bad for ourselves, we can get stuck in a cycle of…well, feeling bad for ourselves. So then, we don’t HAVE to take time everyday to go train hard in the gym or eat foods that don’t taste as good as bad ones. It’s scary facing a new challenge like changing your body or lifting weights. You look at these pictures of women with PERFECT bodies and think…“I’m going to get my body to look like that! After I finish eating this brownie today, IT’S DONE and I’ll START TOMORROW!” Am I right?

The problem is that we ladies take our bodies, and analyze EVERY SINGLE inch. We literally look in a mirror, and stare at the tiny area on places like our back between our armpit and back of our arm…ya know…like that one, tiny little SPOT, and decide that it’s too “chubby” for our liking. And then we walk around a grocery store or our school campus and don’t understand that the guys…ya know, the people we try to look hot for…look at us and all they see is one big picture. They don’t look at you while passing you on a campus sidewalk and think “Oh shooooot. Dang, look at that little chubby spot on the back of her arm.” ………….no. No one else critiques you, and beats you up as much as you criticize yourself. misstrong76

Your purpose in life as a woman, is not getting up, looking in the mirror at every angle of your body and verbalizing how much you hate it. Your purpose is not to feel overweight and hopeless, or to feel disappointed in yourself. Your purpose is to love yourself. If you’re unhappy with something? Change it. You have the power, you have the strength, and you have absolutely more dedication and drive than you may know.

So you feel bad about yourself and your body? So you’ve been comparing yourself and your body to other women? So you aren’t seeing results? So you feel a little hopeless, or sad, or concerned that you don’t look a certain way? I feel for ya…I’m a girl too. But here’s the secret. If you can believe in yourself…if you can be a little nicer to yourself, or believe in changing your body over a progression of time, or believe that you ARE BEAUTIFUL, or get up and get into the gym….you will change. I promise. If I believe in you…in every, single woman…then you need to believe in yourself too. Change does not come from the outside. Change comes from within. What separates those girls from the ones who have a hunger to change and the ones who don’t….is the actions they take, to DO IT.

When you change, or make an effort, it means you believe in yourself. You are beautiful. You are special. You are strong. You are powerful. You are brilliant. You are gorgeous. You are talented. You are unique. You are active. You are smart. You are worthy. AND YOU ARE CHANGE.

THAT. Is why I should believe, in YOU.

Have a beautiful rest of your day.

-Love, Miss Strong


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