Superfood Splurge


Talk about a meal packed with superfoods…is there anything on this plate NOT on the list?!

Superfood Splurge: 

It’s summertime! A time when people love going out to eat with friends, lounging by the water, and indulging in both treats…and great, fresh food. For me, summertime is all about colorful, farm fresh, nutritious meals that not only taste good and make me feel good, but look appealing too!

There are so many great vegetables, fruits, fishes, meats and salads that are amazing for the summer heat. So what are some summertime “superfoods” that are go-to, can’t go wrong choices? Superfoods are foods packed with things like antioxidants, omega-3s, calcium…they help with weight-loss, lowering cholestrol, and promoting digestion.

The meal pictured above…aka, my riverside dinner from last night…is jam packed with an entire list of superfoods, and is one of my personal all time favorite meals. Fresh apricot smoothie with whey protein, a quinoa and kale salad with orange slices and a light balsamic vinegar, and a wild sockeye salmon filet with chard, spinach, and beans. I went out to eat a restaurant, yet was still able to order and create a meal based on clean eating and healthier options. If you’re stuck at a restaurant and don’t know what to order, look for dishes that use superfoods, fresh fish, lean protein and lighter dressing.

Miss Strong’s Top SUPERFOODS:

– Salmon            -Tomatoes

– Blueberries     – Avocado

– Broccoli          – Oats

– Spinach          – Dark, leafy greens

– Oranges         – Oregano

– Beans              – Yogurt


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