ABS that ABSolutely KILL

Summer is almost here! So as the summer heat approaches…what about yours? Basically 2 things are happening to the girls reading this right now. The first thing is, that you’re all super excited about tanning, going to the pool, getting to wear crop tops, and staying out late with friends. The second thing, is that you’re panicking about wearing those crop tops and going to the pool, because you want to have the best body that you possibly can. Raise your hand if you’ve been eating salad and going crazy in the gym for weeks now, trying to get in shape? My point has been made. My first advice is to go read my other advice regarding eating JUST salad and working out too hard…that my ladies, is a no go. But, my second piece of advice is to read below for my favorite killer ab moves, workouts and routines. You probably haven’t heard of a lot of them, they have weird names, sound scary, possibly intimidating, and challenging. So perfect. I bust mine, so you should bust yours.My first big pointer for killer abs…ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN. Kind of like when you make your own cinnamon roles or brownies…they are made with love, care, good ingredients, and basically food. You need a strong, well developed core, but a big part of being “ripped” and having a sexy stomach is having little fat in that area so that what’s hiding underneath can show through! Burning fat for your stomach does not work…you can’t spot reduce and get rid of fat in one area. You need to target your ENTIRE body, and do things like cardio and intervals. You need to eat clean, and be mindful of the food going into that body.

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